Invite to Karen Cairns' exhibition launch, 3PM Saturday 5th September

As part of our monthly Artist's Spotlight exhibition series we have selected some of the most popular and distinctive artists currently working in Scotland. We are excited to announce our next Artists' Spotlight exhibition launching on Saturday 5th September:  Karen Cairns with her show 'This Gleaming City'.

Karen's works are vivid demonstrations of flair; with a keen eye for form, utmost dexterity, and an intimate knowledge of all the more temperamental behaviours of watercolour when applied to wet paper, Karen is able to transform humdrum scenes in familiar cities into beacons of luxurious colour.  Karen is one of the most admired watercolourists working today and this exhibition launch promises to provide an illuminating insight into her much admired technique along with a showcase for a collection of brand new works by the artist. 

RSVP by emailing or calling 0141 221 4502 to reserve your place your place at the launch of the exhibition between 3PM and 6:30PM on Saturday 5th September for a complimentary cocktail reception and informal Q&A with the Artist.


About our Artists' Spotlight events: has long sought to champion the most distinctive and talented Scottish artists and to make original artworks accessible to all those with an interest in art.  It is with these goals in mind that we have developed our latest exhibition programme:  Artists' Spotlight.

Each Artist's Spotlight exhibition will launch on the first Saturday of each month, and will include a complimentary drinks reception and informal question and answer session with the artist, along with especially selected activities from in-gallery painting demonstrations, to live music and performance.

Our aim is to provide visitors with the chance to learn more about the practice of their favourite artists as well as discover exciting new artists, and to provide a raft of engaging online content for our international followers.

To learn more about our upcoming Artist's Spotlight events read our 'Artist's Spotlight Sneak Peek blog post.


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